Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wow, This Blog Still Exists?

I just logged into Blogger to begin work on a new project, and realized that this blog is still online. Wow, it has been a long time! Here's a quick update on my status as a daddy and a role-player:

  • I'm up to two kids now. The older brother, Braxton, is now seven years old; and his younger sister, Channing, is five.
  • Some years ago, I couldn't maintain my commitment to my online Pathfinder group. This was partly out of frustration with the slow pacing of play-by-chat, and partly due to other professional pursuits.
  • What little gaming time I get is now dominated by Minecraft. The whole family plays, each person preferring a different style. I personally favor modded survival on multi-player servers. I'm spending most of my time with Modsauce and FTB Infinity. 
All this doesn't mean I'm done with tabletop RPG's for good. I still come across my old rulebooks now and then and feel the urge to get something going. I have recently perused Wizards' site to see what's new with D&D, and holy crap I'm confused.

My oldest kid has recently picked up a couple of books from a series Wizards has released. They're like field guides for D&D monsters, except presented purely as lore and not directly connected to the game. It has sparked a conversation about D&D and tabletop role-playing in general, which led to my downloading D&D Online so he can get a feel for the experience. I was careful to explain the differences between a computer-based MMORPG and a tabletop RPG, and he just might want to try the latter in the near future. Good god, how much am I going to have to reinvest? Anyway, no big hurry, since I'm unsure whether he's quite at an appropriate age. Plus, finding others to play with is always a challenge.

As for your truly, maybe a couple hours a week wouldn't hurt again.

If anyone still manages to stumble across this blog, please let me know! Should I dip my toes back in the water?

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