Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gumshoes s01e02, "Unchained" part 2

We just completed the second session of our "fantasy cops" themed campaign. Unfortunately, we lost two players; but there was still plenty of fun to be had. Here's the summary:

Silver and Raeinion were called to another case, leaving Franky, Tex, and Lt. Broadmoor to continue the investigation.

Old Man Haddock requested assistance at his chicken shack outside of town to the south, where his chickens have been decimated by a mysterious beast.

Among the fowl remains in the shack, investigators awoke a sleeping beast, which lashed out at them. A brutal battle ensued, during which two officers were seriously injured. The beast was rendered unconscious and identified as a bizarre canine-chicken hybrid.

Officers Murphy and Franky hog-tied and cuffed the beast, and the team brought the beast to the precinct office and locked it in a holding cell.

Franky took a sketch artist to the guard post where the body of the victim was being held before disposal.

Tex spent most of the night monitoring the harbor for suspicious behavior. At around 1am, Boris Schmidt left the granary, locking the door behind him. He paused and glanced at Tex, then went on his way.

Lt. Broadmoor visited the library hoping to find any mention of a creature like the one they fought, but failed to turn up anything.

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