Friday, May 7, 2010

Call for Players: Seaport Justice!

I have finally summoned the motivation to re-launch my Castles & Crusades game, and I'm looking for players. Here is a quick summary of the campaign:

System: Castles & Crusades

Setting: Homebrew medieval fantasy, urban crime-fighting (cop show style)

Time: semi-regular Mondays, 8:30pm Central (with some flexibility)


- You are a member of local law enforcement, charged with the solving of crimes and apprehension of criminals. Inspired by cop shows like Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice, and "buddy cop" movies, like Lethal Weapon and To Live and Die in L.A.

- Campaign Setting: Cyrilsport (SEE-ruls-port), a roguish city on the inner coast of Egaria. Think New Orleans or Miami -- medium-sized and not highly metropolitan, and not a major center of national government, but large enough to support most types of shops, services, and guilds, positioned at a crossroads of international travel and trade.

- In this setting, two or three-man teams are acceptable.

- If we have a larger group, we shall assume that the Cyrilsport Town Guard detectives work in balanced teams, assembled with (in ranking order): a lead detective, an enforcer, a surveillance guy, a logistics expert, a finesse man, and a magic specialist.

- A luxury inherent in this setting is that of being able to continue playing when missing players. Because the PCs' team investigates local crime cases, it is easy to assume one or two players sometimes get caught up in other pressing responsibilities during a case.

- Because you work for the government, looting and excessive force are frowned upon. You are required to adhere to a code of behavior and uphold city laws.

- XP is awarded based on story advancement, personal involvement, and problem solving, in addition to the method outlined in the C&C core rules.


- Castles & Crusades system. I choose this for its abstract combat system and simple skill checks, so more online time can be spent in the story, and not rolling dice or moving minis.

- I can provide a pdf of the C&C Players Handbook upon request.

- Ability scores and hit points are generated by-the-book: 3d6 for each ability score, and one roll of the hit die per level, plus bonuses.

- Starting level = 1d4+4

- Starting gold: Roll for 1st-level starting gold and multiply by 3.

- Starting gear: Anything from the equipment section of the PHB, plus a randomly generated special item. You may waive the special item for an xp bonus equal to half a level.

- The common language in this area is Egarian, but Oth is a neighboring dialect. Ask GM for details.


- Brandishing weapons within city limits is illegal, punishable by confiscation of weapons on the first offense, followed by fines, etc. for subsequent offenses.

- Offensive magic is prohibited within city limits.

- There is a zero tolerance policy for spying with the use of magic. This violation of public trust is punishable with a maximum sentence of outright banishment.

- All other town laws are consistent with what you'd expect in any urban center. When in doubt, check with the GM.


- Weapons are not to be drawn except in self-defense.

- Survelliance through any means is acceptable when approved by a station chief in writing.

- Badges must be worn at all times while on duty. Undercover investigators may hide them on their person.

Comment if you're interested.

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